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Software bundle, software stack

LAMP is a common term for the software bundle of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. All of these items are open source and free software. Using the LAMP software set (or "stack") to develop web sites, web services and components is hugely popular.

Part of the success of the Open Source movement

The success of LAMP exemplifies the success of the open source movement. All the LAMP software are free. All the components are mature and benefit from a large and committed user community which continues to develop, refine and improve each of the stack components. The components are reliable and have large support resources which help users learn and develop software using LAMP. Bugs are reported throughout the community and frequent software releases help improve the reliability of the products.

The components

Mutual Support

Some LAMP components provide direct interfaces to other components. PHP has modules to perform MySQL functions (and also support for many other databases). Apache has a native PHP module that interprets PHP code and executes it. Apache, MySQL and PHP all run on Linux (and many other operating systems) of course.


All the components of the LAMP stack are interchangeable. For example an alternative is LAPP (the Postgres database replaces MySQL) and another is LEMP (NginX - pronounced Engine X - a light-weight web server replaces Apache).


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